Top Dentists in Albany NY, pediatric and general!

So our group has been known for being a small and tight knit company every since our inception. It’s this cohesiveness that allows us to provide our clients with a top notch service from a small team that acts like a big one! We’re so close we all knew about our favorite marketing wiz David’s sons first dentist visit!

David’s son (we’ll call him Mark) had his first pediatric dentistry visit today. Now he didn’t get dental implants or anything crazy, he went to our local Albany Dentist office, for his first dental cleaning. We have always loved them, Doctor Tim is great with kids (he even did my fathers dentures) and we understand how important it is to set up good teeth cleaning habits from a young age. Mark came out of his dental visit looking forward to his next one. We love stories like this because it shows us how close we are, and just how we come across the same problems and issues all our clients have as well.

Dental visits, doctors visits, school recitals, whatever it is that keeps you away from work, we get it. Our team goes through the same ups and down and we understand what it means to have your entire day reworked. Albany Dental Pros showed us the same thing we bring to our marketing efforts, complete professionalism and the best in the business customer service. And we are happy Marks teeth are clean too!