How to make sure your roof is secure in Alabama!

When you really break it down every piece of every building is absolutely vital in order for that building to work. But there is one piece of the entire building that if not done right, if not pitched correctly, if not drained properly, and without the proper insulation; well then the rest of the building just won’t work. And that is the roof.

Recently we caught up with our friends at Huntsville Roofing to discuss some of the things they find to be imperative to a proper roof. We reached out to them because we know that when you are roofing Huntsville AL, there are ton of factors that need to be taken into account and that is what makes them the best; commercial roofing, asphalt shingles roofing, basically anything that involves a roof or roof repair, these guys are Alabama’s go to roofing contractor. So here is Mike with some roofing words of wisdom:


“Hey guys thanks again for having me back here, we love learning more and more about marketing our roofing products from 2000 tools and we feel like every time we are on here we take a bit more away from the conversation than you do. But anyhow, we wanted to share one thing that we have been seeing over and over and over, and that is improper collar ties and improper hurricane clips when roofing. “

“People ask us, ‘well how do we know we got a good finished product?’ and I always answer the same way, check the hurricane clips. If your roof isn’t leaking that’s step 1, but if you loose your roof to some of the strong hurricanes and winds we are prone to down here in the south, well then maybe you should give us a call to come do some roof repairs.”

“Another major issue we see all the time is improper roof drainage, especially commercial rubber roofs. We always see the crickets or anything used to divert water is either used completely wrong or missing entirely. The number one job of a roof is to keep water out and there is no such thing as water proofing a building, it is all water management. Driving that water to where you want it so it can safely find a roof drain is absolutely critical in what you are trying to achieve. “

Don’t cheap out on the most important part of your roof, and don’t hesitate to give us or even another local professional a call to make sure that you aren’t going to be stuck with a leaky roof or maybe even damaged merchandise. It’s free for an estimate so why not take the chance!

Upstate NY Roofing Companies!

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